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What Is the Difference Between Cold and Flu? Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis.

Colds and flu are caused by the common virus called H influenzinum, a strain of the rhizopus. The name comes from the Greek word for "cold."


When the virus enters your body, it will reside in a place called a synovial fluid. A small cell membrane will then divide within this fluid, creating antibodies, which will attack the virus. The antibodies will then cause a release of the substance named IL-1 beta. This type of antibody is what a person develops during the acute infection. However, once the illness has gone into remission, the individual may no longer be capable of producing the antibodies.


Most people have never experienced a flu symptom. However, the majority of susceptible individuals will experience the following common cold-like symptoms: sore throat, runny or stopped up nose, conjunctivitis, headache, and wheezing. If any of these symptoms are present, it is wise to seek immediate treatment from primary care doctors. These symptoms are very contagious and can easily spread from one person to another. 


A person can develop a cough or sneeze, but this is not always the case. Sometimes the symptoms are very similar to those of common colds. If these symptoms do not seem like the flu, then they should visit their primary care physician to determine if the symptoms are caused by a cold or a flu.


One cold symptom can be confused with another health condition or illness. Therefore, it is important to determine what is the difference between these symptoms and other illnesses. A primary care provider can easily make this determination. For instance, a headache can be caused by tension or stress. In order to determine what is the difference between cold symptoms and other illnesses, the doctor will ask questions, test symptoms, and order laboratory tests in order to find out what is causing the symptoms.


The cause of a cold symptom may not be as simple as some doctors think. Although the symptoms of a cold mimic those of many different illnesses, the cause should be considered. Because every individual is unique, a diagnosis cannot be made with certainty from one particular diagnosis. Therefore, if a person has ever had a sinus infection, they should receive a separate diagnosis from their primary care physician. However, the symptoms of a sinus infection often mimic those of a flu, which means that a health professional can make an accurate diagnosis of what is the difference between a cold and flu symptoms.


Some symptoms are not common with all the viruses that cause the common cold. For example, one virus that causes the common cold does not carry the virus that causes the flu. This is why it is important to get vaccinated against the flu once you have been diagnosed with a cold from an authorized center for primary care. Although, some health professionals believe that a person who has never had a cold before can still catch the flu if they are susceptible because they have a weaker immune system.


There are several symptoms that cause a person to become ill. Therefore, it is important to get a diagnosis so that a treatment plan can be formulated. An accurate diagnosis of what is the difference between a common cold and flu symptoms will allow your primary care physician to create an effective treatment plan for your illness. Therefore, you will not have to suffer from the symptoms of a common cold and flu until you get proper treatment.


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