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The Basics of Primary Care!

Primary care is quite an important part of the overall health services provided to individuals. Within the domain of primary care lies the primary care physician, as well as other physicians who provide these services. The distinguishing factor of primary care is the fact that the patient is the focal point of attention.

What is it?

A primary care physician is one who has been trained for, and is thus equipped with skills for first contact. Basically, individuals who haven’t been diagnosed with a specific medical condition, are the ones who go to a primary care doctor. Along with these, continuing care for the same individuals is also provided.

A whole host of things fall under the umbrella of primary care, including health promotion, measures for prevention of diseases, counselling for maintenance of health, educating the patients, diagnosing their condition, and then the subsequent treatment. A personal physician collaborates with other health professionals and specialists, as needed. This particular aspect of course, is dictated by the needs of the patient and the seriousness of their condition. The aim of the entire practice is to deliver cost-effective care through establishment of effective communication with all patients. Through communication, the patient plays an active role as a partner in the process, rather than a passive recipient.

Where is this facility provided?

Since the purpose of the practice itself, is to put the needs of the patient first and to satisfy them in an adequate manner, a primary care doctor provides services in a diverse range of settings. Basically, this form of care isn’t confined to the doctors’ office or clinic alone. Along with the clinic, and the office, a primary care doctor also attends to patients at home or in daycares etc. Generally, the primary care physician is located within the vicinity of patients themselves. This allows for ease of access to health care facilities, while allowing the inclusion of specialty and institutional consultations.

Accessing primary care

Since this is an essential and integral part of your overall health care, it is often included with health insurance plan. Often times, a comprehensive list of providers is included within the health insurance plan. If you go to a doctor that is included in the list of service providers provided with the health insurance plan you subscribe to, you would end up saving quite a bit of money! It would do well to talk to friends and acquaintances who visit a particular doctor prior to actually becoming a regular with them. It is very important to find a doctor who is a good fit, and with whom you are thoroughly comfortable.

The human body is complex. Along with that, each individual is distinct and unique from the next. And we are all familiar with the age-old adage “health is wealth”. Therefore, it is important that we take care of our bodies and our health, literally from top to toe! A good doctor will be able to do just that! Remember, nothing is more valuable than health and wellness!