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Questions That Help in Choosing Best Primary Care Physician

Questions are important. They serve the purpose only when you being the patient has clarity of mind. What to look for in a primary care provider? How much should they charge? How to take yourself in their care? These are some of the most basic and yes, fundamental questions. 


However, besides these questions, there are many other which should be asked. But unfortunately, most of us are not sure about “what to ask?!” 


Therefore, keeping all these points, we thought of writing a blog that could assist you in knowing what to ask a primary care facilitator. 


Questions to Ask a Primary Health Care Professional 


Q: At the time of getting an appointment with a particular doctor. Will she/he remain available? 

This question is a must to ask. Related questions that will decide if you really should choose a particular doctor are mentioned below. 


  • What are the practicing hours of a doctor? 
  • Is the doctor available at my preferred times? 
  • How long is the wait to get an appointment? 
  • Can I get help from Indus Medical Associate in this regard? 


See, knowing the preferred time on which you would want to see a doctor is as necessary as other questions. It gives leverage to doctors and patients. Secondly, knowing the exact wait will keep you away from frustration. The third most vital query is regarding online help from Indus Medical Associate. All the answers to the questions mentioned above will indeed keep you away from fatigue, anxiety, and frustration. 


Q: Will I get help from professional as well as friendly staff in a clinic or hospital?

You being the patient should understand that going to the hospital can be regular. That is because you first have to take appointments (either on-call or by going in person to the hospital). Then, settling bills and asking for refills…. There are many reasons why you have to go to the hospital to acquire medical assistance. 


Questions you should ask before making a decision (of getting an appointment from a particular doctor) are listed below. 


  • Is the staff caring and courteous towards patients? 
  • Will they regard your privacy? 
  • Will the staff help you in finding the best doctor? 


Besides medical staff, there will be management, administration, cleaning, and other hospital staff. That is the reason why it is crucial to take reviews from friends and relatives. Online reviews also let you know whether the staff was friendly or not.


Q: Will health care physicians cater to all special needs? 


Every patient comes with a unique set of traits. Gender, age, past and present medical situations, life experiences, and expediencies – everything defines your health as well as body. That is why when you want to look for the best health care professional, it becomes necessary to address some questions. Some of those questions are mentioned below. 


  • Will my doctor cater to all the important and special health concerns? 
  • What if my doctor doesn’t know how to deal with a combination of illnesses? 
  • When I am treated, will my doctor trigger my past?


All such questions should be asked indirectly by the doctor. Remember, there are ways of finding out the answers. You don't have to be very direct every time. 


PS: knowing the answers to all these questions will result in quicker recovery.