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Qualities of the Best Doctors.

Qualities of the Best Doctors

The best doctors have qualities that take them far beyond the perceptions of a regular medical associate that have been embedded in our minds, for the best doctors do more than dispel pills, give shots and send patients on their way. Doctors such as Dr. Azam, and Dr. Parimi have gathered a favorable reputation for themselves owing to the fact that they have inculcated in themselves values that are highly prized in doctors. 

Skills & Knowledge 

Be it any facet of health care, whether family medicine, or preventive care patients would all attest to the fact that having the required skills and knowledge that enables them to be highly competent at their jobs, is one of the foremost amongst the list of desirable qualities for the best doctors. Having a veritable fund of knowledge regarding the respective fields the doctors operate in enables them to accurately diagnose patients and often the best treatment plans. Since, skills and knowledge are highly prized qualities for the best doctors, they undergo extensive trainings for the purpose of gaining specialization in respective fields. Doctors who have an interest in treating kids become pediatricians, those who want to make a contribution towards cancer patients become oncologists and so on, and so forth. During the course of their trainings they are constantly grilled and probed to assess the level of their knowledge as well as daily application. 


Mere knowledge that doctors gain through the course of their education, or for that matter, comprehension of a diverse set of medical conditions that they come into contact with during the course of their training is not understanding. Some of the best doctors including Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimihave perfected mastery of this skill, which can be described as possessing the ability to think clearly, and act accordingly. Simply put, while memorizing a bunch of facts may very well be indispensable for the process of understanding a topic, it cannot be termed as understanding of the topic itself. Therefore, when the best doctors study they possess all the facts, however, to apply them to a given situation, thinking in an objective manner and reaching a diagnosis is what is understanding. Health care is vast and complex, and while patients cannot understand the complexities completely, any medical associate should do enough to ensure that they understand the recommendations, benefits and side effects as well as any other facets. 

Kindness & Empathy 

No amount of sheer knowledge can make a good doctor. The best doctors like Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimi are endowed with hefty doses of kindness as well as empathy. A mix of kindness and empathy are essential characteristics, enabling a medical associate to truly understand the difficulties that the patients are facing owing to the condition of their health. Having a kind and empathetic nature also enables the doctors to cultivate a relationship with their patients that contributes to better care being provided to the patient. The two qualities, that is, kindness and empathy are distinct from one another. The former can be described as a trait that individuals are often born with, however, it can also be learned through life experiences. The latter, that is, empathy, allows doctors to clearly recognize the situation that patients are being faced with, and relate to their suffering and discomfort with sympathy. These two qualities are particularly useful when the case at hand is challenging such as patients suffering from comorbidities. 


Doctors rarely work alone. Almost every medical setting that exists, be it, hospitals, clinic or obscure camps, there are usually interdisciplinary teams that are working together. These teams include a number of nurses, doctors, medical associates, social workers, and others. Since the work that is being done is being done as part of a team, day in and day out, a good doctor must be able to work as part of a team in order to achieve collaboration that bodes well, ultimately for patients. A number of skills become relevant here such as being able to give honest advice, take feedback constructively, delegate tasks and follow instructions wherever, and whenever needed. 

Impeccable Work Ethic 

Becoming a doctor is no easy task. It requires years and years of grueling studies and trainings beginning from high school, all the way to medical school, and then continuing into training needed for specialization. This requires the best doctors to be able to put in the effort that is required without a second thought or a moments’ hesitation. Personal problems, fatigue, exhaustion, or any other issue cannot take precedence over the patient. Therefore, the best doctors like Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimi have inculcated an impeccable work ethic that is not swayed under the toughest of circumstances. 

Stress Management 

Stress is a part and parcel of working as a doctor. The job involves incredibly long hours, dealing with horrific aspects like death and incurable diseases on a daily basis, all the while also handling administrative issues that present as a course of work like funding and staffing issues. This is compounded by very little off time, building up quite a bit of pressure for doctors. Anyone other than the very best doctors would easily be overwhelmed by the sheer burden of responsibilities cascading from every side, and therefore, having excellent stress management skills are an absolute necessity. How stress management presents itself in different individuals is different, however, one thing is for certain: a good doctor needs to master how to keep their head above water in trying and pressing circumstances.

Collecting the qualities that make good lawyers or competent architect or an imaginative painter. However, penning down all the qualities that make the best doctors like Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimi is quite a difficult task. The qualities mentioned above are by no means exhaustive, however, they are definitely qualities that are treasured by and sought after by patients.