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Main Challenges Faced by Highly Trained Physicians in the US

Are you stressed? Do you think it is quite a deal to meet administrative pre-requisites? Or are you simply done with the pandemics and need to sort health care concerns out as early as possible? 


Believe me, you are not the only one going through the ordeal. 


Most of the highly trained physicians in the US are trying to sort out challenges and hurdles in treating patients. It is not that they are incompetent in treating patients though. It is just that everything has changed after covid19. It means these best doctors are not able to treat patients the way they have had in the past. 


Now, in the current times, we know certain protocols need to be observed to even enter the territory of a medical center. 


Challenges of Highly Trained Physicians in the US 

In this regard, there are several challenges of the primary care providers, best doctors, and even highly trained physicians practicing in the US. Some of the main ones are mentioned below. 


Challenge #1: Challenges in Finding Funds

Finding funds is actually a problem for a lot of independent as well as smaller ventures. Highly trained physicians in Coachella are also a victim of this. A lot of them are entirely dependent upon third parties for the reimbursements of funds for the smooth running of their practice. This is why a lot of the best doctors are now working as the employees of bigger medical setups instead of running their own. So if you are wondering where the best doctor near me in Coachella working now, consider checking in the nearby hospitals like Indus associates.

The reason why funding is so important for every primary health care provider is because no one can purchase a simple tech machine without having the ample amount of money available. Since the majority of the doctors are unable to get funding, they are now preferring to be employed instead of running their own practice.


Challenge #2: Ethical Dilemmas 

The pandemic has been especially hard on the physicians as they have to make a lot of life-altering decisions. Lack of funding has made them reconsider their priorities as they have to continuously face an ethical dilemma while facing a life and death situation. Whether it is the highly trained physicians from Rancho Mirage or somewhere else, such decisions can prove to be overwhelming a lot of times.

While there are proper rules and guidance present regarding ethical medical practice, a lot of times doctors have to make many difficult decisions as well.


Challenge #3: Supply Chain Concerns 

Every primary care provider has faced some sort of a supply chain concern, especially in the rural areas. During the start of the pandemic, getting the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for every health care professional proved to be a huge challenge. The same goes for getting an ample amount of nitrile gloves and even sterilization wrap as well. this problem is still present in the rural areas although all the efforts are being made to provide the hospitals with the much-needed supply of the necessary equipment.

This delay in the reception of the basic medical supply was also reported by Reuters along with the American Hospital Association.


Challenge #4: Telemedicine Problems and Concerns 

The biggest problem associated with telemedicine is that the physicians are not getting reimbursed for the emergency services they have been providing since the pandemic. It is the right of every primary healthcare provider to get reimbursed for whatever health care services they are providing, even if it is through telehealth. 

While not all physicians are allowed to practice telemedicine, those who do need to be compensated for their time and expertise. This is why the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services need to bring about some changes in the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule.


Challenge #5: Staffing 

Recently a rising trend is seen where small hospitals and independent practices have either stopped working or have been merged with the bigger hospitals or other healthcare systems. This trend is higher in the rural areas as compared to the urban ones where even the best doctors have to give up independent practices because of the lack of funds.

This is proving to be an even bigger challenge for independent practices especially when it comes to hiring good and competent staff. The biggest challenge is providing the doctors and the nurses with market-competitive salaries by the small setups. Unfortunately, a high decrease was noticed in the number of the nursing staff as compared to the physicians during the times of the pandemic.

Since physician shortage has become a huge challenge, not even the smaller but the larger health care systems and hospitals are now taking the assistance of the Indus Associates physicians to overcome the lag. However, this is a short-term solution to this problem and nothing concrete.


Challenge #6: Time Given to Patients is Compromised

According to a study which was carried out in 2016 and was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, most physicians spend more than half of their day doing desk work. The desk work includes keeping a record of their patient's progress not just in the form of paperwork but on electronic devices as well. whether it’s a physician in Coachella or Rancho Mirage, doctors are generally not happy with the lesser amount they actually spend in treating their patients as compared to the time they spend doing paperwork.

There is a dire need of streamlining the extra work the physicians have to do apart from tending to their patients. Proper staffing should be done by the hospitals so that the paperwork does not remain the responsibility of the doctor only. 


Challenge #7: Physical Exhaustion & Burnout 

Indus Associates makes sure that the doctors do not suffer from “job burnout.” Almost 50% of the physicians in America show some kind of burnout which is termed as either serious or moderate by a lot of health care foundations.

While the physicians may not realize it, according to Elizabeth Goelz, MD, while the physicians are happy with the nature of their jobs, however, they work in a stressful environment which results in stress. Stress is the major cause behind job burnout and unfortunately, a lot of doctors are suffering from it.

Job burnout can result in deteriorating the physical as well as mental health of the doctors. It can also lead to doctors leaving their jobs, an issue that has become really prominent since the start of the COVID pandemic. A lot of physicians have admitted to feeling stressed, and suffering from anxiety, especially during the COVID time.


Challenge #8: Monitoring and Controlling Requirements 

Apart from looking after their patients in routine and emergency situations, physicians also have to deal with a mountain of administrative tasks and paperwork as well. Whether it is a highly trained physician or a new doctor, they have to remain up to date on all the paperwork.

Although the CMS is doing its best to organize the whole process, a lot of work still remains to be done in this regard.


Solutions of the Challenges for Highly Trained Physicians in the US 

The demand for doctors is never going to end, especially with the current ongoing shortage. There is more awareness regarding job burnout and the challenges every doctor has to go through. The health care system is focusing on making their jobs less tedious, and reimbursing them for the telehealth services which they provide.

However, every physician should also make sure that they make themselves a priority as well especially when it comes to their health is neglected. The demand for physicians is always going to stay there, but it is also important that they do not suffer from the repercussions of long working hours and with the hospitals being understaffed.


Indus Associates Deals with Challenges 

Indus Medical Associates happens to deal with all these situations. The only difference is it is based on strategic solutions which make us the best among the rest. Not just that, we have the best doctors and highly experienced physicians who tend to provide an insight to deal with all kinds of hurdles. When pandemics struck and we had to check out funds. We made sure not to let go of our veterans. But yes, we made the newly hired ones work from home. That decision of ours made everything work the way it worked before. 


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