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Health Care - What it Takes to Attain Best Health?

What happens when you don't take care of your health? You and I know different health care issues start to appear. Some of them are long-term and complicated. Others are not so complicated but are still a matter of concern. 


Knowing this, we have to be sure about our health routine. Besides that, what suits us well, triggering factors of jeopardizing our health care, home remedies to have balanced or rather good health, are a must. 


That’s the reason why in this blog post. We have mentioned all that it takes to attain the best health care regimen. 


Best Ways to Maintain Health Care & Fitness 

There are certainly some basic ways to keep sure about the best health. We have mentioned those in detail. It is so that you are fully aware of them to incorporate them in life. 


Eating and drinking, sleeping, incorporation of a good healthy life, and abstinence of bad habits are the gateways to an optimized lifestyle. 


We are sure you would love to know about all. Let’s delve into it one by one. 


Category 1 – Eating and Drinking

First thing first, you and I need to know something about food consumption. To attain a healthy lifestyle, it is a must to eat healthy food items. This includes drinks as well. According to the best doctors in the world, you may have a high chance of gaining weight if you consume more junk food (fried food and snacks or carbonated, sugary drinks). 


It is also believed that whatever you eat on daily routine. Usually becomes the reason for your personality. Yes, those who eat fatty and carbs more than proteins and other nutritional meals are more inclined towards lethargy, obesity, etc. 


So, taking a balanced diet is always encouraged. You can do so by picking and choosing healthier food items. Through that, you can maintain health care. And you will not visit a clinic or hospital often. 


Heart-related diseases, diabetes, strokes, etc. are some health issues that are directly linked to eating the wrong food items. If you want to prevent such diseases, it is very important to eat what is right for your body. 


Category 2 – Healthy Habits for Best Lifestyle 

Another way to keep your health care matters super clean. You should make a checklist. The list should have all that you do in a day. That way, you will have a check on your habits. 

However, in case you are not sure which are the best routines for your health care. I would suggest following my routine. It includes regular exercise and skincare.


Let’s discuss it for more clarification. 


  • Fitness Via Exercise 

In the list of to-do for a better and healthy lifestyle. I make sure of exercise. According to highly trained physicians and some best doctors in the world. Exercise keeps us away from strokes, colon cancer, heart diseases, and even diabetes. It also plays a strong role in keeping us away from depression, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and a certain type of mental illnesses. In addition, after much research and studies on a scientific level. People who exercise are not prone to getting injuries. Weight control is another reason why Dr. Azam, a primary care provider at Indus Associates suggests people walk and exercise. This is part of my routine because of all these reasons. 


  • Lose Weight – Get in Touch with Dr. Azam of Indus Associates 

Please do yourself a favor! If you are obese or slightly overweight. Take it seriously. Don't feel awkward because you are not alone. There are many US residents who are obese. Not all consult Dr. Azam who has expertise in an obesity control program. But you can or rather should schedule an appointment with him at Coachella or Rancho Mirage. Doing so will help in taking health care essentials seriously. 

You should know the consequences of being obese. The kind of health concerns it gets associated with are mentioned below. 

- High cholesterol

- Strokes

- Diabetes (type 2)

- High blood pressure

- Different types of cancers

- Diseases related to gallbladder

- Injuries related to overweight or obesity

- Arthritis

- Pain in joints, spine, knees, hips, etc.


  • Skin Care for Health Care 

You know what?! I didn’t know sun exposure can become the cause of skin cancer. The moment I got to know about it. I made sure to follow a set pattern of skincare. This worked miraculously because through skincare I was able to take health care. However, to make sure I am not exposed to the sun. I made sure of wearing sunscreen lotion before leaving home. Even before going near the stove or fire because of cooking, I made a practice of wearing sunscreen. What does it do to my skin? It blocks UVB and UVA rays. Also, when people ask which type of sunblock I use; I always tell them it is SP15 or above.


Category 3 – Habits to Refrain for Best Health Care 

The third and most important category for your best health care routine is all about the following areas of life. 


  • Use of Drugs, Nicotine, and Tobacco 

It goes without saying why tobacco, nicotine, and other types of drugs should be kept away from your life. If you are not sure, let me tell you why it is so. Well, first of all, it has the highest risk of mouth, lung, and throat cancer. Not just that, you can get multiple types of heart-related issues. Besides that, there are other health issues like pulmonary diseases linked directly to health. therefore, it is best to abstain or reduce such intake. 


  • Limit Liquor Intake 

According to studies, it is revealed that a woman can consume only one shot of liquor a day. However, a man is still able to have two drinks as in shots in a day. When it comes to limitations, it remains in the following standard intake. Beer is said to have 12 ounces in one shot or drink. Whereas, wine is of 5 ounces and liquor of any other type contains 1.5 ounces in a drink or shot. If someone consumes more than one or two drinks in a day. The chances of getting throat, pancreas, or liver cancer increase to a considerate level. On to contrary, alcohol abuse can result in murders as well as suicides.


What to Consider in Attaining Best Health? 

Keeping all three categories in mind for health care. I have some other factors for you to work on. Those are listed below; 


  • Overall Health Care 

Regular or periodic checkups are as important as keeping yourself aware of dos and don'ts. In this regard, highly trained physicians, good doctors, primary care providers should be consulted. Eye checkups, oral hygiene care with the help of dentists, and general physicians are mostly in demand. It is because they work on making you feel best in health. In addition, the right diagnosis leads to the right treatment and preventive care. So, going to the best doctor like Dr. Azam of Indus Medical Associates works best. I would highly recommend him if you are near or at Rancho Mirage or Coachella. 


  • Breast and Female Related Health Care 

It came out as a surprise for me that breast cancer can be the reason for death. This is the most common type of cancer among women. However, men also get breast cancer. But the ratio of deaths in men is considerably low as compared to women. As soon as you start feeling the signs of breast cancer. You should see the specialist. He would suggest a mammogram and screening. After which you will be put on treatment. 


  • Get Vaccinated 

Vaccinations keep you safe. Period. It is because of receiving vaccines you can live a risk-free life for long. Vaccines are the only preventive measure for chronic diseases. It may include hepatitis B, measles, pneumonia, cervical cancer, yellow fever, rabies, polio, and covid 19 (and its variants). In the US, vaccines are provided to kids as well as adults for the best health care. 




  • Safe Sexual Activities 

Sexual health care is as crucial as physical well-being. I being a mother of two always suggest safe sex to others. It is so that you can stay away from HIV and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or infections (for example syphilis and gonorrhea). To stay protected, you should use preventive measures like PR-EP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis). 


Last Word – Where to Go in Case of Emergency Health Care Issues? 

If I am in urgent need of primary care near me in Coachella or Rancho Mirage. I make sure to consult the best doctors at Indus Medical associates. The main reason for going there is based on the kind of doctors who practice there. As in if I think of Dr. Azam, I don't have to worry at all. Even when he is not in the round. I know he will assist someone to take care of my health issues. Also, whenever I thought of losing weight and it got into me. I went to Dr. Azam. Keeping my experience with Indus Associates and Dr. Azam in mind. I would highly recommend this place for your health problems.