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Life of a Middle Age Man & Complications of Not Dealing with it On Time

Men think they don’t need primary care facilitations. They think, being a man possibility of getting sick is minimum because of the following reasons. 


Reason #1: Nothing ever happened in the past; so, there is no chance of developing any health issues in the future too. 


Reason #2: If I will go to a primary care physician, I will be given medicines without any reason. 


Reason #3: Life without a doctor is better than life with a doctor. They diagnose diseases just to make money. 


Reason #4: I don’t have health insurance or financial stability to fulfill doctor’s fees. 


There are many other reasons as to why men in general don’t get themselves checked. However, once they do, luck works and some complicated disease is traced. But to rule out if it is meant requires to be worried or not, a diagnosis is required. For that, there are certain screenings, bodywork (blood tests), and physical examinations are carried out. After this, the highly trained physician decides on the treatment plan. At the same time, preventive measures are discussed with the patient. 


To remain healthy throughout, men should know how to keep themselves away from trivial as well as fatal and long-lasting diseases. Here, in this blog, we have mentioned preventive measures for different age groups (specifically for men). 


Let’s start. 


Section 1: Preventive and Primary Care in Rancho Mirage for 20 and 30 Age Group

Not many men in this age group have health issues. But it doesn’t mean you being a male in this age bracket ignore health and do whatever comes to mind. Instead, you should take care of your health by maintaining and developing good habits which make your life easier in the future. 


Habits that you can include for better health in older age are listed below. 


Habit #1: Stress management is crucial for more than one reason. Someone wise once said, “The solution to dealing with stress is easy: stay cool and focused”. Experts think it is easy to manage stress through rest. 


Habit #2: Remember staying away from UV rays will keep skin in a better form and condition. Wear sunscreen which is also called sunblock in sunlight, near a fire while cooking, and in other forms of heat. 

Habit #3: Alcohol will not give anything good. It will make you an addict if drink more than required. Likewise, other addictions like smoking and tobacco are not good for your health. 


Habit #4: Also, physical health is balanced out when your weight is in accordance with height. In this regard, BMI must be checked and a healthy diet should be followed. 

If you are in the 20s and 30s age group and don’t have any major health concerns. Still, you should visit primary care in Rancho Mirage regularly. Don’t wait for your 40s or 50s to get regular checkups. 


The checkups usually and mostly include the following; 


  • Allergies: best doctors in your locality find out if you have any skin conditions based on allergies. Other than that, skin health is also checked.
  • Obesity: to maintain weight, it is a must to know BMI (body mass index). If you are overweight and the BMI is in the red zone then getting in touch with a dietician helps.
  • Other Concerns: in case your blood pressure is not normal and the cholesterol level is high. Certain medicines help. That is the reason why it is vital to maintain good health with regular checkups.


Mental health issues also necessary to be addressed. In this domain, anything like depression, anxiety, constant fatigue, etc. can be worrisome. If you go for a regular checkup and discuss mental health concerns, highly trained physicians will help in figuring out the solutions. 

What you should ask a doctor? 

Well, you being a man of any age between 20 and 30 can ask the following questions from your doctor. 


  1. What is the appropriate and justified weight which I should have?
  2. Do you think I have any kind of Jones to get complex or fatal disease in the future?
  3. What are the right ways to improve my health?
  4. Do you think I have to go for any particular test vaccines or screenings?


Section 2: Preventive and Primary Care in Rancho Mirage for Men in the 40s

When you are 40 and visit primary care in Rancho Mirage at Indus Medical Associates regularly. The chances of understanding the risk of future problems get better. However, for that, you have to understand that there are tests and questions which you should ask your doctor. 


The major problem being a man in his 40s is obesity. It is because of being overweight that you will have a chance of becoming victim to cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure). However, it is curable only if and when you maintain a healthy lifestyle (exercising, taking a balanced diet, adequate amount of water, staying away from excessive use of alcohol, smoking, or drugs, etc.). 


What to ask a doctor in regular visits? 


  • What are the right readings of blood pressure?
  • Do I have normal blood glucose?
  • How are my lipid levels?
  • Is my heart functioning well?
  • What kind of screenings do I need?


Section 3: Preventive and Primary Care in Rancho Mirage for Men in ’50s

In the 50s you will need primary care assistance more than in the past. The need of seeing a doctor regularly once a year at least is crucial. You should see a doctor even if there is nothing on the surface. At times, people at 50 get a diagnosis after years of regular visits to the healthcare unit. 


That said, it is important to remain in touch with your doctor because of the following reasons. 


Reason #1: cancers are more common in this age group. 


Reason #2: immunity weakens which leaves you with no option other than seeing a doctor. 


Questions to Ask at Doctor’s Office? 

Here are some queries which you can address at the doctor’s office. 


  • Are there any side effects of taking medicines for cholesterol and high blood pressure?
  • Why do I need to get screened for prostate cancer?
  • Do I need to maintain weight and how should I maintain it?


Section 4: Preventive and Primary Care in Rancho Mirage for Men in ’60s

Now that you are in your 60s and this is the age when health concerns simply pop up out of nowhere. It is extremely important to make sure your health is as good as it seems. What happens usually in the 60s is different… it gives a feel you are good when you are not! 

That said, you have to be more responsible for your health. Maintaining weight and adaptation of good habits can’t be ignored at this age.  


Also, at this age men generally start having eyesight and hearing difficulties. If you are experiencing anything of this sort, then it is a must to visit your primary care doctor in Rancho Mirage.


At Rancho Mirage we have a hospital named “Indus Medical Associates” which can help you get out of any sort of health concern.


Questions to Ask Your Primary Care Physician:


  • What are the chances of developing any heart-related disease? If I am diagnosed with heart disease, what are the possibilities of lowering the chances?
  • What medicines should I have to lower the risks of heart-related diseases?
  • What healthy lifestyle changes should I do to enhance overall health?


Section 5: Preventive and Primary Care in Rancho Mirage for Men in ’70s and Above

If you are a 70-year-old man, let us tell you that your immunity will be lower than in your 60s and 50s. However, it is not a big concern if and when you are seeing a doctor regularly. Getting flu shots and medications to build immunity becomes a must. Likewise, the kind of diseases you may get are somewhat similar to women. 

According to “National Osteoporosis Foundation” men in their 70s should get a bone density examination. 


Questions to Ask a Doctor Regarding Health: 

  • What do I have to do to reduce the odds of infection?
  • How can I boost bone density?
  • What is the right time and duration of exercising?


Last Words: Men's Health in Different Age Groups 

Get your health insurance and visit a doctor regularly. Even if you think it is not required, getting an annual checkup should be your priority.