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Primary care at Indus Medical Associates

Primary care

Indus Medical Associates, the hub of primary care services and best professionals aims to facilitate health concerns for all genders and age groups. It is a place where patients can easily go with complete confidence, reliance, and trust. 

It will not be wrong to say that it is a hospital that provides three sixty degrees of facilitation in all disciplines of primary care health. Yes, professionals including highly trained physicians, best doctors, nurses, and medical assistants play a dynamic role in the reputation and stature of Indus Medical Associates. 

The kind of tools, research, medical apparatus, and devices used in this hospital are rewarding for both, the professional team and patients. 

Importance of Indus Medical Associates in the US 

Hospitals generally lack two most important factors. 

The first one is “communication”, while the other remains “comfort”. These are typically two reasons why a hospital stands out from the rest of them. At Indus Medical Associates both, the professional and administrative department looks into these factors carefully so that the basic requirement of patients is fulfilled. 

When it comes to communication, it doesn’t need any explanation on how important it is to maintain good understanding. By understanding, we mean the language, expression, and how well a doctor or primary care provider makes use of communication skills. Without communication skills, the diagnosis will not remain hundred percent accurate – this will naturally cause a problem in treatment and preventive measures. 

However, the second important trait for the best treatment in any hospital is comfort. What may happen if there is no rapport or alignment of thought processes between a doctor and a patient? It will cause issues in the later run; something that constitutes towards best treatment and intervention plans. 

Services Provided by Indus Medical Associates 

If we talk about Indus Medical Associates in regard to primary care services. We will find the following areas of the medical side covered. 

Service #1: Primary Care Services 

At Indus Medical Associates patients receive the best care from seasoned and highly trained physicians, general physicians, as well as specialists. The core reason why patients rely on us and not others in Coachella and Rancho Mirage is that – the backbone of this hospital is the team of compassionate and empathetic individuals. The team is sincere to the point that they work on different financial plans to make sure of the patient’s best recovery strategies. 

Besides that, at this hospital, there are healthcare experts like Dr Azam who has massive work experience in diagnosing health conditions. Indus Medical Associates also has Dr. Parimi on the team – the doctor who had helped thousands of sick ones. 

Services that are offered in the primary care department at Indus Medical Associates are listed below. 

  • Heart concerns
  • Asthma
  • Acid reflux and heartburn
  • COPD
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Skin related problems
  • Sinus infections
  • Cholesterol
  • Arthritis
  • Hypertension aka high blood pressure
  • Sore throat, cough, and flu

Service #2: Preventative Care Services 

Another service provided by the professionals of Indus Medical Associates is “preventive care”. To know it in detail, it is much important to know the meaning of this term – preventive care. 

Preventive care is after the prognosis and treatment plan. After getting treated and all, it is a must to get preventive care – a method to keep the patient away from relapses. 

According to CDC (Center for Disease Control), there are five core reasons for fatality in the US. It includes; 

#1: Cancer 

#2: COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) 

#3: Unintentional and undetermined injuries  

#4: Stroke 

#5: Heart diseases 

At Indus Medical Associates, doctors provide all the possible ways including screening as well as tests to regulate a system through which patients don’t relapse. Also, professional doctors help the patient in minimizing fatal diseases through remedial sessions. These sessions are more like an awareness gathering where patients get to know the basics of preventive care. 

In addition, diet plans, lifestyle and routine changes, along with mental stability are introduced to the patient. For instance, when it comes to healthy eating and drinking, alcohol and substance use are strictly curtailed. On the other hand, routine changes that are advised to almost every patient contain exercise, meditation, and mental counseling. 

The mission however remains the same – to facilitate patients with quality life through the best preventive care service. Following immunizations are provided under preventive care. 

#1: HPV (human papillomavirus)

#2: Influenza 

#3: Pneumonia 

 #4: Shingles 

#5: Hepatitis A

#6: Hepatitis B

#7: TdaP (tetanus, diphtheria, & pertussis)

#8: Meningococcal 

Service #3: Females Health

Women’s health is a primary care provider’s job to facilitate. In this regard, Indus Medical Associates has hired a staff that is categorized under highly trained physicians. Also, these doctors are the ones who look after female-related problems. What are the female problems though? Well, it contains the following areas. 

#1: PCOS 

#2: Maternity care 

#3: Reproductive issues

#4: Menstrual cycle and related concerns 

Some tests which are offered to women at Indus Medical Associates are mentioned below. 

#1: Osteoporosis screening 

#2: Pregnancy testing 

#3: Routine PAP tests 

#4: Menopause management 

Service #4: Sports and School Physical Examinations 

Primary care providers also help school management to ensure the best quality sports physical exams. This examination allows parents, students, and school management to know if it is safe to participate in school activities (sports particularly) or not. In this regard, the following areas are covered. 

  • Students’ medical history is collected from parents or guardians to determine the needful.
  • Physical tests and examinations are carried out by primary care providers.
  • Awareness of how to keep oneself away from possible injuries and accidents is arranged from our end.

Note: You might get enticed to know that we are always up for help; even if the school management asks us for a same-day slot.  

Service #5: Immigration Physical Examinations 

Interestingly, there is another service provided at Indus Medical Associates – immigration physical exams. Here, it is important to mention that the physical exam doesn’t include screening or lab work. Instead, it is just the body checkup through the use of hands and tools. What you should know about it is simple – this examination facilitates the patient with a complete checkup for immigration purposes. 

Note: to get a green card (US citizenship), it is a must to go for a physical exam. Who makes it compulsory? Well, it is USCIS (the United States Citizenship & Immigration Service) that has a prerequisite to comply with the needful. 

The following services are rendered in this area; 

  • Thorough physical checkup
  • Review of past vaccines and list of vaccines missing from the list
  • Reporting of results which includes the I-693 form as well

Service #6: Weight Management Program 

Obesity is one of the main problems which slowly and gradually puts a person in other health concerns. For example, when it comes to following diseases, most of them get activated only because of obesity. 

Disease #1: Diabetes 

Disease #2: Cancer

Disease #3: Vascular health concerns 

Disease #4: Heart diseases 

What do Indus Medical Associates do with such cases? Well, Dr. Azam is a veteran in dealing with obesity control programs. He has helped hundreds of people in coming out of obesity. How he facilitates patients in this department is discussed below. 

Dr Azam is an internist with years of experience. He is a certified nutritionist as well as a health coach. He along with his team helps obese people in the following ways. 

  • Setting healthy goals
  • Providing weight management and its plan
  • Customized health needs
  • Preventive measures to maintain weight and fat for a long time
  • Provision of consultations and regular checkups
  • Acceptance of health insurance plans


Walk-in and Appointment Based Primary Care Help 

See, the primary care providers are readily available at Indus Medical Associates. It means they are accessible without appointments. Likewise, there are many doctors on the list of highly trained physicians and primary care providers who are reached on appointments. So, let it be primary care in Coachella or primary care in Rancho Mirage, both offer walk-in, and appointment-based consultation. 

What makes us different from other primary care practitioners? Well, first of all, our team is extremely trained. They know the basics – all patients are different and the cases vary from person to person. That said, it is easy to rely on their expertise. Secondly, every patient is unique with a lot of similarities and dissimilarities with other patients. 

The main reason why patients like to continue with our medical assistance is that they come with different health concerns and issues. But when they leave, satisfaction is seen on their faces. Again, the reason for the satisfaction relies on the following areas. 

#1: Primary care providers at Indus Medical Associates know the art of communication.

#2: Here in this hospital, everyone is highly empathetic. 

#3: Professionals are sure to provide complete health management. 

#4: Preventive care is as good as any other medical service.

Primary Care Service in Coachella and Rancho Mirage 

Indus Medical Associates aims high to provide primary care facilities with the best use of highly trained physicians. It means whatever is provided at this hospital is the same in all the branches. There are two locations where this hospital is located. 

Coachella is the main location, however, there is another location where Indus Medical Associates is found (Rancho Mirage). 

Doctors and services here in these locations are the same. There is no difference in the quality of services which implies the following aspects. 

#1: Provides Same Quality Services 

Primary care in Coachella and primary care in Rancho Mirage offer the same services (preventive care, primary care, weight management program, immigration physical examination, sports physicals for schools, and female health). All of these have the same set of skillsets for doctors as primary care providers are hired with the same prerequisites. It is so that patients see no difference between these two places. 

#2: Obesity is Managed Equally

It goes without saying that obesity is handled by the veterans in both states equally. This is so that the challenges are met positively with the help of veteran doctors. Besides that, it is imperative to know the need for obesity management through a proper program in which diet and lifestyle routine is changed.   

#3: Walk-In and Appointments 

Another aspect that we need to mention is the need for walk-in and appointment-centric consultations. If you are living in an area where the need for primary care in Rancho Mirage or Coachella is required. You can reach the best primary care provider at the official website indusmedicalassociates.com. Upon reaching, you will be asked to book an appointment or mention your concern so that the representative can guide you online. If you want to go to the on-site location, the need of contacting a representative online will not be needed as such. 

Last Words: Why Choose Indus Medical Associates? 

At Indus Medical Associates you will be able to access primary care providers in any of the two locations very easily. However, if you are in need to take an appointment, the need of visiting an official website will become important. You can contact the official number of the hospital too.