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Perks and Bounties of Best Doctor Near Me in Coachella

Indus Medical Associates aims to provide services that revolve around primary care. With that, we are custodians of changing lifestyles through weight loss and obesity control programs. These services are carried out on a strictly professional level. But way before that, we are the ones who believe in giving healthcare services to all those who live near or at Rancho Mirage. It is not that Indus Associates deals with patients from Rancho alone. However, it means we are located in Rancho, hence we have more patients from this location. 


Before we move on to the topic of discussion in this blog post. We would love to assist with the basics of primary care. So, yeah! Under this blog, there will be covered to the following areas. 


  • Soft Skills Required by Best Doctors Near Me in Rancho Mirage
  • Life as a Highly Trained Physician at Indus Associates 
  • What Expertise Our Veteran Dr. Azam Hold? 
  • Primary Care – Does it Have Any Side Effect? 


Primary Care Physicians & Best Doctors 

The association of primary care doctors being the best doctor is determined on several grounds. This is the reason why at Indus Medical Associates, we have a lot to look at. The team of doctors is selected after seeing the medical background as their health is the first thing patients might get to see. In this regard, we can give an example. If a doctor is a chronic heart patient but has worked for years, we might utilize his expertise in a different way. But on the same level, we will not reject his expertise or application. Instead, we will make sure he is given fewer working hours and more resting time. However, in most of the hospitals, such doctors with no matter how many years of experience are not taken on board. With that, Indus Associates takes a different lead – we take the service but there are situations where such doctors are not allowed to practice. For example, these veterans are not allowed to perform an operation. 


Secondly and most importantly, when it comes to highly trained physicians being the best doctors. What does it mean? Well, to us at Indus Medical Associates, it means they have to have certain qualities. These traits are not directly linked to their medical practice. Are you thinking about what such skills or traits are? Let’s get into it and see how it works. 


Soft Skills Required by Best Doctors Near Me in Rancho Mirage

These qualities of the best doctors are categorized in the list of “must-have soft skills”. All of these are important but some of them are extremely crucial for a doctor near me in Rancho Mirage as well as other areas of the US. Those are; 


  • A positive outlook on the patient’s illness or health condition. If you take the negative side and jump to the conclusions, it will not be a good call. Likewise, it is extremely essential to reveal diagnosis in a calmer, softer, empathetic tone. If any doctor just puts out the information regarding diagnosis in a rude or ugly manner. The patient who is already going through physical and mental pain will simply collapse (not in real but somewhere within the soul). That is something the best doctors would never want to experience. 
  • Communication skills and listening quality are as important as anything else listed in this section. Without a great sense of giving attention to minute details, you will still be called a doctor. But it will most likely take you out of the list of best doctors. Finding a doctor near me or yourself is only beneficial when the physician has patience in listening as well as understanding the ordeal of a patient. Do you know what happens when and if these best doctors listen and explain to patients? Something great happens! It means they are able to relate to the medical condition. It means they are there to heal them mentally, bring awareness of the diagnoses through the right words, and above all know that the patient puts his or her trust in the doctor. 
  • Best doctors are also those who despite working for hours don't burn out. It is because they know how to destress themselves and remain cool and at peace. Best doctors know how to take things – sometimes actions and reactions on the body of a patient are dependent on nothing but fate. Nobody can change that, right? best doctors validate such points and work wholeheartedly without feeling stressed or depressed. 
  • Everyone, literally everyone that happens to visit doctors in Coachella don't judge patients with their skin color. To them, all patients have the right to live the best life possible. Keeping that in mind, Indus Associate staff treats, diagnose, and prevent patients equally. 


Life as a Highly Trained Physician at Indus Associates 

Doctors, nursing practitioners, physicians, specialists, and everyone else at Indus Medical Associates get the opportunity to work after a long process of selection. Doctors need a complete study from medical school. It means these doctors require a certificate of completing years of medical college and school. Along with that, they must have a residency program as per their specialization. They should have certain years of experience in the wards too. After seeing all these areas, Indus Associates welcome them on board. 


What Expertise Our Veteran Dr. Azam Hold? 

Now that you know how we function at Indus Associates, it is time to get familiar with our most experienced team members – Dr. Parimi and Dr. Azam. 


Who is Dr. Azam? 

If and when patients or their family members and friends search “doctor near me Coachella” or “doctor near me Rancho Mirage”. Dr. Azam pops up on the search engines. However, the question remains the same – who is Dr. Azam? 


Well, he is a highly trained physician and known as Dr. Azam (MD) all over the world. His expertise revolves around primary care which includes hypertension also known as high blood pressure, diabetes, and weight loss program. With the vision to make this world best for all; even the obese ones, he crafts customized packages for the weight loss program. Besides, he has been associated with us, Indus Medical Associates for years. Even before joining us, he had worked for decades.


Dr. Parimi – Who is he? 

Dr. Parimi on the other hand is all about family medicine. His main areas of expertise are adults. Yes, all that you can think about young adults to oldies health issues are dealt with care under his supervision or directly by him. Patients find him amazing at what he does. People know and regard him for the kind of work he does – giving management training to diabetic patients, high blood pressure prevention and cure, etc. 


Primary Care – Does it Have Any Side Effect? 

Everything has a side effect only if it is not dealt with properly, right? Likewise, when it comes to adverse effects of primary care near me or you, it is done in the process mentioned below. 


#1: Wrong Diagnosis 

The very first step to the side effects of medicines or treatment procedures is the wrong diagnosis. What happens when a patient is diagnosed with the wrong illness or medical condition? Who is responsible for the wrong diagnosis? Why the wrong diagnosis takes place? All these answers are strongly dependent on the following stance. 


See, if a doctor is not highly experienced and is given the chance to diagnose, a certain mess takes place. This is also a sign that the diagnosis was not approved by someone senior. So, you have to be sure about the so-called good doctor who is looking after your health concern. 


Secondly and most importantly, when the diagnosis is wrong, it takes weeks and even months to get back to the normal self. If not totally normal, then at least go back to where the patient was seen at first. But also remember, a diagnosis must be checked by highly trained physicians and shouldn’t be approved without a veteran’s consent. 


#2: Absolutely Erroneous Treatment 

Naturally, when the diagnosis is wrong and is not checked by any senior best doctor. It brings disaster. But not until it is approved and given treatment based on the wrong diagnosis. This is the scariest part because the body starts to react way different than expected. In this situation, the best doctors like surgeons, specialists, and highly trained physicians come into the picture. They find out what went wrong, what caused the reaction, etc. In most such issues, doctors ask the patient to stop taking the prescribed drugs as in medicines. The entire procedure of diagnosis is repeated. Then again, treatment procedures are discussed. After which the patient is in the safe zone of getting treatment. 



There are side effects on the body after the right diagnosis too! For example, when a cancer patient receives chemo-therapy he or she loses hair, experiences different types of bodily changes, etc. This type of side effect is nothing to worry about because with chemotherapies such reactions are expected. 


Last Words – Primary Care Doctors in Coachella 

If you are on the lookout for the best doctors who are not just competent in their professional side. But also have amazing soft skills that make the patient calm about the medical condition. Then you should find out the best doctors near me in M=Rancho Mirage or Coachella on search engine. We can bet on the result – Dr. Azam of Indus Medical Associates. Don’t think a lot. Just visit us at indusmedicalassociates.com and book your online consultation now.