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Duties and Responsibilities of Primary Care Physicians

Humans come with a set of batteries. Shocked!? Yes, the batteries are set by nature by default. But as with any other machine would not work if the batteries die or aren’t functional. Our bodies also malfunction and experiences health concerns. 


To help our health issues, we need the best doctors. The ones who are categorized as “highly trained physicians”. 


These physicians aren’t just there to help you out of empathy. Instead, they go through a whole deal of studies and practice before offering their services. 


Almost every physician takes up extra courses to specialize in a specific health-associated area. Those who opt for general health is known as “primary care health specialist”. 


Here, in this article, you will get to know about the responsibilities and duties of primary care physicians


Before we dive into the topic, why don't we start from the basics…?? 


Primary Care Physicians – Who Are They? 

Some health emergencies need an instant connection with the doctor, right? Who do you think helps such people? The experts who are sitting at home and enjoying a day off? Obviously, NO! 


When and if you meet an accident or are not sure what’s going wrong in the body. You either search for “primary care near me” or lookup for the number already saved in the contacts. 

Either way, you call them and the first person who sees you is mostly “primary health care physician”. He or she is the one who deals with undiagnosed health problems. Also, he is the one who takes care of different medical situations and conditions. 


Responsibilities and Duties of a Primary Care Physician

Duties that come under primary care physicians aren’t limited to a particular organ or peculiar case. He/she is the person who can take care of almost everything that goes wrong in the body. 


Nevertheless, some of the responsibilities of primary care doctors are mentioned below. 


  • Recommending Screening

Assessments, as well as screenings, are recommended by the primary health care doctor. It is so that the diagnosis and other procedures around cure should be done without any hypothetical understanding of the health problem. 




  • Multiple Roles of Primary Care Doc 

Also, the primary care health practitioner plays an all-rounder role. Yes, the one in which he/she takes care of the family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. By far, these are the heroes who do more than the specialist. How can we say that? It is easily said by the number of duties they perform.


  • Deals with a Group of People 

Primary care health docs don’t cater to one patient at a time. Most of the time, they have a particular group to cater to health issues. Their basic health is directly linked to these paramedics. 


  • Awareness for the Sake of Benefitting Patients 

These doctors also take care of benefiting patients by arranging seminars in the clinic. Yes, sometimes when needed, they are the ones on whom experts depend. It is because primary health care profs are the ones who know how to bring awareness of certain illnesses in the community. 


  • Healthy Bond with Patients 

Physicians in the US build health-related relationships with their patients. They listen, respond to their queries, and make them comfortable around the recommended procedures. They are also the ones who make sure the patient is fully aware of the health situation. In some cases, when the patient isn’t in the position to know about illness. Primary care experts bring the news to the family member and make things easy around them to carry out future procedures.  


  • Primary Care Physicians Work as a “Middle Man”

In many states of the US, primary care providers work as middle man. That is when he/she access costly treatment processes and regulates the patients’ needs. 


  • Basic Chronic Conditions and Management 

Primary care specialists are the ones who act and work on behalf of patients. They help the patients to find specialists, give a referral code, provide fundamental management to their chronic health conditions. Yes, this works on a fairly long-term footing.


  • Ruling Out Diagnosis, Treatment, and Preventive Measures 

Another important duty of a primary health doctor is to run tests on patients. The tests are on an either annual or monthly basis. It is to ensure they are healthy and not driven towards the risky side of the health concerns. Also, giving meds to the patients, in general, is what these docs are required to do. Thirdly, they handle and manage chronic illnesses on a long-term note. Basic diagnosis, treatment, and cure come under these paramedic professionals.


  • Takes History and Performs Physical Examination

Another responsibility of a primary care practitioner is to know the history as well as current symptoms of the patient. Besides that, they are the ones who take relevant information around health concerns. If and when they find the need to get the physical examination done, that is also prescribed or written for the patient. 



  • X-Rays and Similar Tests – Another Responsibility 

Rudimentary tests around medical treatments are carried out by primary care physicians. After which they suggest getting an x-ray and similar tests. 


  • Counseling Patients After Tough Treatments or Procedures 

Once the treatment is completed, patients need to know preventive measures, right? In such cases, the primary care facilitator educates the patient about the safest and healthiest ways of lifestyle, behaviors, and habits.  


Conclusion – Responsibilities, and Duties of a Primary Health Doctor 

What happens when a primary care provider performs best? He/she is known as the best doctor. Also, the health of the patient improves drastically. It is a must for primary care doctors to look into all the duties and perform them well.