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Why Women Need Primary Care?

The main focal point for gynecologists is to help a pregnant woman. But the question is: don't women need primary care other than anything related to pregnancy? And you know the answer is not that simple. You will find that women, in general, opt to see a doctor mostly during their period cramps, pregnancy, fertility, and similar concerns. However, the fact remains the same as men – women also need primary care facilitation. They also have other problems that are similar to other genders. 


Why Women Need Primary Care Facilitation? 

To find the best solutions to the problem other than the typical health concerns. Women seek help from highly trained physicians under the following situations. 


  • Cancer 

The most common type of cancer in women is in the breast. The treatment, diagnosis, and preventive measures for this condition are done by both male and female doctors. However, women choose to go to a female best doctor for a number of reasons. For them, going to a female specialist is more comfortable because they have the same anatomy. Also, they don't feel as uncomfortable as male doctors while being touched. Other reasons could relate to personal preferences. 


Screening procedure for the confirmation of detecting cancer in the breast is done through a mammogram, etc. Women in most of the states in the US opt for females. There could be any reason to do so. 


  • Gestational Diabetes 

Likewise, when a woman is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She somehow prefers to stay in contact with a female obstetrician. It is because of several reasons. Some of the main ones include their empathy towards the patient and holding more care for the diagnosed person.


Responsibilities of a Primary Care Provider for Women 

Now that we know the briefest conditions and situations under which a woman prefers to see a female primary care staff. We should get to know the core duties and responsibilities of a good primary care practitioner. 


#1. Blood Tests 

Other than screenings for particular health conditions. Female primary care staff takes blood samples for verification of existing health concerns. For example, they draw blood to check hemoglobin for anemic patients, liver or kidney health issues, and high cholesterol in a woman. 


#2. Regulating Normalcies 

Primary care providers are required by women to regulate normalcies like high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc. Later, after giving the needful instant treatment, the patients are referred to the best doctors in the field. 


#3. Fertility Problems 

Women do miracles in the form of giving birth to a baby, right? But in the process, some of them see a hard time conceiving. That is where primary care helps in getting them to know the why’s and how’s. However, they render services under the experience only and give superficial, on the surface kind of details. For complicated scenarios, they are sent to a gynecologist or obstetrician. 


#4. Birth Control Complications and Guidelines 

Not all but some of us, belonging to the same gender i.e., women opt for family planning. In that case, women consult a primary care provider that comes in their health plan or health insurance.