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Why Consult a Female Primary Care Near Me?

Finding the best doctor in Rancho Mirage might be daunting. Not because it is a man’s world and female doctors are hard to find. The main problem is based on something else. If you are intrigued on what to look for in the pursuit of finding the best female doctors in Rancho Mirage. Then you have to know different aspects of doing the research. 


Female Primary Care Doctors in Rancho Mirage 

What to hunt in the perfect female doctor practicing in your locality? How to determine the authenticity of qualities in a good female doctor? When to see a female primary care provider? All these questions are quite important to get addressed. That is the reason why we, Indus Medical Associates would like to give all the information to make you as a female feel comfortable. In addition, we also aim to provide awareness and vitality of a highly trained female physician. 


Let’s start without further ado. 


When to Prefer a Female Best Doctor? 

Let’s assume for a second that you are a female. Now just imagine (God forbid) you are seeing some really crazy side of the psychiatric need. Or you are going through pregnancy. Would you like to get treated and deliver a baby by a male doctor? If yes, great! There is none what so ever issue. But what if there are some concerns and you want to see a female doctor? 


Why one would like to see a highly trained physician (female)? Let’s check it out. 


Reason 1: Relatability 

The biggest reason why females opt for female physicians in primary care is the way they can relate to your problem. Since they have the same anatomy and body structure, it becomes easier for them to know what you are thinking or going through. 


In this regard, several cases came up. Some of them were about how a male doctor couldn’t figure out the root cause of a medical condition. The male doctor was just giving medicines to curb pain. But the real reason for the pain was not identified until the patient went to the same gender physician. The female doctor took few minutes to diagnose the real problem. And within a few days, the patient was all healed. 


This may sound like a made-up story. But it isn’t and there are many cases registered with the same intervention. That’s the reason why people like to go to the same gender physician. 



Reason 2: Comfort Zone 

Another reason that makes so much sense is grounded in the fact that females are more open with the same gender. They can discuss everything in detail with the females. They also find it easier to let the female touch their private parts and not letting males touch them anywhere that is too private. 


Research shows that in most countries, females like a female gynecologists. Females prefer other medical specialists for their health and wellness. There is a small percentage of females seeing a male gynecologist. 


Reason 3: Different Style of Care 

According to research and study, female patients find that same gender doctor give a better approach to the disease. Since females are known for more empathy and care, they tend to facilitate patients with utmost sincerity and effective grace of care. Interestingly, a study in 2018 reveals that females treated by female doctors (with cardiac arrest) were twice more probed to get well as compared to those who were treated by male doctors. Do you know what made that happen? 


It was majorly because heart attack in females is different than cardiac arrest in males. That’s the reason why it is considered best to opt for female heart surgeons than male surgeons for female patients. 


Reason 4: Mortality and Hospital Readmission Charges 

Another study revealed that female doctors don't charge a lot for readmission in the hospital. Also, they have lower chances of mortality. That could be another reason for opting for a female highly trained physician. Maybe it has something to do with the nature of females. We are not sure about that part but yes, there are many patients who find females more compassionate and accommodating to the patients. 


Reason 5: Male Physicians Focuses on Instincts – Female Doctors Go by the Practice 

What is another interesting reason as to why one female should or could go for a female doctor? It is about the kind of approach they have in diagnosing, treating, and preventing patients from illnesses or diseases. Male doctors are more to do with instincts. As in they don't go by books or hard and fast ways to find out the diagnosis or cure. On the other hand, female primary physicians are careful to the extent that they do everything by what is written on the manual – the medicine book. Female patients find it safer for them as the females' doctors are more cautious about their work. 


Reason 6: Female Physicians are More Serious 

Female primary care doctors have tough competition with the opposite gender. That makes them work harder and more seriously without giving any benefit of the doubt that diagnosis or treatment was not carried out as required. Female doctors have some kind of reassurance and competence that makes them better than male doctors. 


Last Words: Why to Look for a Female Doctor if You Are a Female Patient? 

There are so many reasons as to why one should opt for a female primary care provider in any setting. Females are more empathetic, they have more patience, they are more cautious, and can relate to the female problems. Besides that, females find them more comforting and easier to talk to. Why do you think females go to female docs? If you have anything to mention, don't hesitate in leaving a comment. Also, if you want to find the best female doctor in Rancho, look for Indus Medical Associates.