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Indus Medical Associates Accepting New Patients

Not accepting new patients! Dang, that sounds rude, right? However, there are reasons as to the notion of not accepting new patients. But here, in this article, we are not dealing with that at all. Here, you are going to learn about what are the three main reasons for accepting first time patients at Indus Medical Associates. 


3 Main Reasons to Accept New Patients at Indus Associates 

As we all know there are times when we need the best doctor for our health concerns. The question is, will you get one? Will you be welcomed with the health concern at Indus Associates? Well, there are three main reasons why we don't refuse to accept new patients. 


Reason 1: Business POV – Negative Marketing

See, there could be a lot of problems if you decide to consult a doctor and the health care unit disapproves of your treatment. In this regard, there will be several problems. The most highlighted ones will result in getting a few or lesser number of patients. Mainly because patients usually refer good or best doctors to their family and friends, right? So, if the hospital or clinic stops treating new patients, they will see consequences for sure. Among such consequences, the primary will remain about the negative marketing. Another will rely on the financial point of view. Lesser or fewer patients or VIP patients in a health care setting will result in financial loss. It clearly indicates the low revenue and low paid staff. Therefore, it is a must for the primary care health units to accept new patients despite their ethnicity, etc. 


Reason 2: Temporary Closure Causes Uncertainty

Putting a ban on new patients will be the worst idea ever! Do you want to know the logic behind it? Well, here it is. See, it will increase the chances of uncertainty among patients and hospital (or any other medical setting) staff. Nurses, doctors, and other professionals of the hospital will find it difficult to keep a track of you (as a doctor). The second most probable chance of getting referred patients will rise. Primary care physicians will stop referring you to the best doctor. The reason is quite simple, loud, and clear. They don't want to lose their reputation by referring a doctor who is not up for treating someone urgently. For primary care physicians, it is always easy to work with paramedics who are always open to take new patients. 


Reason 3: Patients Capacity and Work Mostly Wavers

Let’s say you are one of the best doctors in Rancho Mirage. But have you ever thought of experiencing attrition? That is something the best of the best docs go through at times. When you being the best doctor accepting new patients, your roster lives a healthy life. Besides that, you remain in demand and hence get more profit. However, this may feel too much at times and you would want to cut the volume of patients. But remember! It will be in your interest in the long run. 


Last Words

At Indus Associates, you will not be rejected as a new patient. Mainly because of the three reasons mentioned in this article.