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Health Care and Primary Care - Why the Need for Health Insurance is important?

Primary care is the basic concern of a human. Without a healthy lifestyle, we can’t function normally – our holistic well-being is sabotaged, and the chances of falling apart increase. However, when we fall apart, it is not just mentally but physically, emotionally, and socially too.

To make primary care the best in any state or country, it is best to expand health care services and drop the prices of drugs and medications, says Bernie Sanders. 

At the same time, those who can’t seem to take care of themselves and need a solid backup plan for treatments, diagnosis, and preventive measures to maintain health; opt for health insurance. 

To know more about the topic, we have to delve deeper so that we can understand the phenomenon and see how primary care physicians deal with patients who have insurance. 

An Introduction to Health Insurance for Best Primary Care Near Me 

Imagine you are in dire need to consult primary care in Coachella. But you don’t have enough cash. What would you do? 

Will you choose to wait for the cash? Would you rely on health insurance that is accepted by primary care physicians? Or you will prefer to bear the pain and not see the primary care provider at all? 

Naturally, your answer would be either wait for cash (if you don’t have health insurance) or make use of insurance, right? 

But what is this all fuss about health insurance? What it is? Why it even exists? These questions can be in your mind like I had them in my early years of staying in the US. I always thought it is not a blessing at all. Later, I understood all those perks which are attached to it. 

Jan Schakowsky once said if you don’t have health insurance get ready to go bankrupt. You know what, he was right! without it, bills will make you die before getting treated. 

So, what it is? Well, health insurance is a well-crafted plan to take care of medical bills as well as different expenditures in regard to health or primary care. It is the best way to taper payments from a credit card. 

Types and Forms of Health Insurance in Primary Care 

As we can expect from different types of primary care health insurance, some of them remain more vital than others. To know which are more important, we have to go through the list of types that exist in this domain. 

Type #1: Medicare Health Insurance: 

This is the insurance, particularly for those who have crossed 65 years of their lives. Not just that, individuals who are below 65 years but with any form of disability can also opt for this health insurance. 

Type #2: Medicaid Health Insurance: 

This type of health insurance is meant for those who don’t earn a lot. 

Type #3: Other Plans: 

Other plans for primary care as well as secondary health care are offered by different insurance companies. These insurances are offered by companies to the employers of big enterprises or large-scale businesses. It clearly means the employer gets insurance for the employees. 

Besides that, it is important to know and understand the payment plans – if you buy insurance, you have to pay a fixed amount to the insurance company. But if the employer gives primary care or health insurance, you don’t have to pay any amount.

Note: However, the first two types are more government based. But when it comes to other plans offered by companies, they are always on the private front.

Covering Primary Care Health Concerns with Health Insurance 

In a part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021, there is an act with the name “No Surprise Act”. It is by law not allowed for primary care physicians to charge patients with surprising medical bills. It is also forbidden to charge emergency services. 

At the same time, the following areas are usually covered in the health insurance plan. 

  • Doctor consultations as well as visits to clinics or hospitals.
  • Prescription of medical drugs.
  • Charges for utilizing medical devices.
  • Primary and wellness care.

There are some areas that are NOT covered by any medical insurance. Those include; 

  • Cosmetic procedures.
  • Use of drugs that aren’t prescribed.
  • Beauty treatments.
  • Use of medical devices that are newly launched.

Note: If you want to know whether specialists’ consultation is covered in primary care health or not. Let us give you good news! Yes, they are covered under primary care. 

Why Opt for Health Insurance? 

Now that we know the basics, there is a need to answer this question – why it is so important for a US resident to get health insurance? 

The answer to it is justified below. 

Reason #1: Primary care in Rancho Mirage, Coachella, or other places is supported by insurance. The amount you deposit every month in the account of the insurance plan is deducted to pay your medical bills. 

Reason #2: It makes you believe that health is wealth leading to a better lifestyle. You simply don’t want to get sick deliberately until something turns against your favor or luck. 

We can go deeper and see a different perspective for the same reasons mentioned above. 

The logic for #1: It is the Best Safety Net

See, it is extremely important to have a safety net, something you can rely on for health concerning the phase of life. It helps you worry less about the medical bills, procedures, and everything that shouldn’t think about. When you are sick, insurance helps you cover costs that you can’t afford.  

Another thing is you and we know that primary care physicians are not very cheap. Some of the best doctors are actually very expensive, right? Thus, whenever you fall sick and don’t rely on insurance. What happens? You get into an extreme financial burden, right? However, when you are covered for emergency care, lab work, prescription of drugs, scans and exams, etc. it doesn’t bother you much. 

Another fact that will motivate you to buy health insurance is to get primary care in Coachella or other states of the US for free! As we know there is always a cost to pay to earn benefits. We have to deposit a certain amount to get covered at times of need. 

The logic for #2: Insurance Helps in Preventing Illnesses 

This is a funny statement to make but it is valid on so many levels – you don’t fall sick in the first place! Yes, when you are paying a good percentage of income on health insurance, the psyche works differently. It makes sure you are taking care of yourself. 

Once you have health issues, you don’t postpone the visits to the hospital which means you take care of yourself so much so that the bills are not exceeded. It means you fall sick and get yourself treated before the health issue becomes more of a nuisance in life. With the help of health insurance, you also go for covered annual checkups. All of this helps you to remain away from serious health issues. 

Interestingly, serious issues like diabetes, hypertension, depression and heart diseases are covered in insurance plans.

As far as children who are medically covered by insurance are concerned. They also get preventive primary care. In addition, infants, toddlers, teenagers, and even pregnant mother to be are medically covered to live a tension-free healthy lifestyle. 

Note: Health insurance covers both, mental and physical health.

Does Indus Medical Associates Cover Health Insurance?

One simple and to-the-point answer is – yes! 

Well, when it comes to Indus Medical Associates, primary care in Coachella and Rancho Mirage are highlighted. At the same time, quality health care without financial constraints is our ultimate aim. Thus, we provide all we can under the best health insurance plans. Some of the insurance plans we accept include Medicare, Primary Care Associates, United American Insurance Company, Humana, CoachellaMED, and Blue Cross. 

We have treated, diagnosed, given preventive measures, carried out lab work, etc. with the best health insurance plans. Also, primary care physicians at Indus Medical Associates have done their best to give all that a patient may need – supervision, treatment, consultation, etc. without creating a fuss about overcharges! 

If you are one of the patients who would like to experience us. Talk to us and get the best treatment in Rancho Mirage or Coachella without any worries. However, if you want to talk about health insurance that is not added to our panel. Don’t fret! We are here to discuss that too.