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Factors to Consider when Choosing Primary Care Doctors

Choosing a primary care doctor will be one of the most significant and important decisions that you take for your health. Healthcare has made leaps and bounds of development, and while there are a great many doctors that can be described as one of the best doctors, such as Dr. Parimi and Dr. Azam, not every doctor is the right fit for every patient. Studies have successfully been conducted into this topic, given its significance, and has identified several factors that are perceived as important in the patients’ decisions regarding primary care doctors. An assessment of these factors can be a great help in choosing from amongst the many highly trained physicians, one who is just right for you. 

primary care 

Healthcare providers can typically practice in a diverse range of settings. The biggest hospitals are one of these settings, but another can also be medical camps that are being set up in the most remote of locations in order to provide preventive care to as many individuals as possible. Other than this, there are clinics where a number of highly trained physicians are practicing together as a group, or others where a single doctor is operating. However, a great many other factors also amount to a great deal when considering the facility. The premises ought to be clean and hygienic so as to encourage the confidence of visitors and patients. The staff needs to be dressed in an attire that is clean, and should have a helpful attitude making sure they are able to accommodate as many individuals as possible while ascertaining the best level of care for each and every one of them. 

Health Concerns 

In ordinary circumstances, the particulars regarding the credentials or even the training of the primary care doctors would not amount to a very significant factor. However, there is absolutely no doubt about the fact that literally each and every individual stands to benefit a great deal from the services of highly trained physicians. This is because going to primary care doctors that are well-trained such as Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimi offer a number of benefits for instance the identification of risk factors that would suggest greater chances of the occurrence of heart disease, or other diseases including but not limited to diabetes, and cancer. Within this overall area of focus, there are some considerations that should be paid particular attention to. These are: 

  • Qualifications as well as trainings of the primary care doctors should be considered. This also includes the consideration of any board certifications that they might have.
  • In the case of prevalence of specific medical conditions, the familiarity of the primary care doctors to the condition ought to be assessed. While this is always an important step, it becomes even more so in case the condition is either life-threatening or exceedingly rare.
  • Whether the primary care doctors, such as Dr. Azam or Dr. Parimi, have the qualifications and experience necessary to provide comprehensive care for geriatrics, women’s health or pediatrics.
  • The credentials of the primary care doctors like Dr. Azam, and Dr. Parimi with respect to research, and whether or not they take part in clinical studies.
  • Whether thedoctors practicing have hospital privileges at facilities you prefer, or those that are equipped with the appropriate equipment.

Accessibility of the Office 

This is a particularly important factor. You might search for and choose a highly trained physician who is also highly empathetic and possesses appropriate skills, however, this would all be of complete and utter waste if patients are unable to schedule appointments. Each and every individual leads a life that is fraught with a great many commitments. In such a situation having difficulty in landing an appointment would amount to unnecessary complications leading to undue frustration. When attempting to ascertain the accessibility of the practitioner, the following questions should be referred to: 

  • Can the office be accessed easily and quickly from frequented locations such as the office or the home?,
  • Is there flexibility in the service hours so that appointments are available in a range of timings like early morning, or at weekends?,
  • Does an option exist to be able to visit the healthcare provider without any prior appointment in extenuating circumstances?,
  • Is there an option for making appointments via different media such as through the email or a text, therefore, enabling ease of access?

When evaluating this factor, it is important to consider the traffic conditions, as well. 

Other Factors 

Apart from the factors mentioned above, there are also others that should be paid attention to when deciding on a healthcare provider, some of which are:

  • Insurance coverage is a really important factor to keep under consideration,
  • Given the remarkably diverse individuals that can be found in all communities, it is possible to find a care provider who can be fluent in a particular language. Studies have shown that individuals can greatly benefit if they have access to professionals who are able to converse fluently in their native language.
  • The journey concerned with health is one that is deeply personal, and therefore, having a preference regarding any aspect such as wanting to visit a doctor who is male or female, should be considered. Being able to avail the services of a doctor who is according to your preferences can alleviate a great deal of discomfort and anxiety. Along similar lines, seeking out physicians who have a proven track record of showing commitment to the support of LGBTQ communities is another consideration.
  • Evaluating the manner in which the physician operates and assessing their track record with respect to success with patients should be considered when choosing a doctor providing primary care.

The important thing is to make sure that the doctor is someone whom the patient is comfortable and content with.