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Dr. Azam and Dr. Parimi at Indus Medical Associates

Are you hailing from Rancho Mirage or are you in this state for your health concerns? Do you want to get a complete checkup? Is there any fertility concern? If one or more answers are in “yes”. This article is meant for you because here, all these questions are answered in detail. 


So, yeah. You are reading this article to get the answers to the questions mentioned above, right? However, before we get started let’s understand the basics of the term “primary care”. Shall we? 


What is a Primary Care? 

Primary care is mostly associated with common health problems. This may include flu, cough, rashes, asthma, menstrual concerns, childbirth fundamentals, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. When someone gets ill and needs an urgent caretaker, primary care physicians are the ones who look into the case. From there, the patient is referred to specialists if necessary. 


Indus Medical Associates Veterans – Dr. Azam & Dr. Parimi 

Like any other hospital or medical care unit, Indus Associates aims to provide the best health care services. To do that, it needed the best doctors who could do justice to the patients as well as the hospital. 


Role of Dr. Azam at Indus Medical 

Dr. Azam is a highly trained physician at Indus Medical Associates. He is a known internist in the US. As far as his educational background is concerned, he completed his medical college in Pakistan and then finished residency from Woodhull Medical from New York City. 


At Rancho’s best hospital, Indus Associates, Dr. Azam mainly works as a primary care practitioner. The kind of health concerns he deals with include common as well as acute diseases and illnesses. The common health conditions include cough, flu, fever, diabetes, heartburn, rashes, etc. However, the main focus or expertise of Dr. Azam revolves around the weight loss program. 


Who is Dr. Parimi?  

He is an MD and a family medicine doctor who hails from India. He received his medical studies from Bangalore. The main expertise of his journey as a doctor is centered around soldiers as well as military personnel of his native town. Other than that, he is the one who takes care of patients who come for primary care help. The kind of stuff he focuses on is primary care for adults. 


Dr. Parimi is the one who can easily diagnose, treat, and prevent common health problems. Managing diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure are some of the complicated or acute diseases that come under his profile. 


Complete Medical Checkup & Fertility at Indus Medical Associates

These two veterans also facilitate patients with complete bodywork in the form of screening and blood work. Also, when someone needs immigration and wants to go through a complete checkup, they are the ones to rely on. Yes, their contribution to the welfare of Indus Medical’s patients speaks volumes. 


Other than what is mentioned above, these two veterans also refer the best doctors to those who are looking for help and guidance during their pregnancy and childbirth.