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Dr Azam – the Best Primary Care Doctor in Rancho and Coachella

Primary care doctors’ responsibilities and duties add value to their profession, right? we can say that because they are the ones who take care of patients when they visit a hospital or clinic for the first time. At times when someone meets an accident or experiences abnormalizes of healthcare, “primary care doctors near me” deal with the case to ensure positivity in healthcare. 


Primary Care Doctors Near Me in Coachella and Rancho Mirage 

Primary care providers are generally and typically doctors who manage to take care of patients on a daily basis. Someone who keeps himself checked monthly or even quarterly has higher chances of living a better life than the rest of the world (who doesn’t see primary care best doctor periodically). 


Dr. Azam – The Best Primary Care Doctor at Rancho Mirage 

If someone searches for “best primary care doctors near me in Rancho” or “best primary care doctors near me in Coachella”; he will most probably stumble upon Dr. Azam. Questions you might ask are; 


  • Who is Dr Azam?
  • What does he do?
  • Where does he practice?
  • What are his core specialties?


Well, the answers to these queries are below. 


Who is Dr. Azam?

He is a veteran internist who considers compassionate care as well as evidence-based care. The main aim of Dr. Azam is to help people in living a better, healthier, and satisfying lifestyle. Most of his patients experience ultimate bedside manners with excellent personalized care. 


What Does Dr. Azam Do?

He serves expertise in taking care of an array of health concerns. From infections to chronic health conditions, everything is catered under his wing. It will not be wrong to say that he is the one who can treat a patient in urgent care as well as primary care highly trained physician. He is in this field since 1998. Following are some areas where Dr. Azam’s expertise is revealed. 


  • Treating and curing hypertension
  • Tackling issues around diabetes
  • Hormonal issues like thyroid glad’s malfunctioning
  • Asthma and breathing concerns
  • Obesity and weight management program


His Role in the World of Obesity 

Since Dr. Azam is not just an internist or a primary care doctor. He takes pride in helping obese individuals. Mainly because he has a firm belief that everyone deserves the best healthy life. The kind of services he provides as an experienced doctor in this regard is to deal with a diet plan with the inclusion of exercises and a proper day routine.


Where Does Dr. Azam Practice? 

He practices in Coachella and Rancho Mirage. Both are associated with Indus Medical Associates. 


Therefore, if you happen to live anywhere near Rancho or Coachella and are looking for someone who can deal with your health concerns. Dr. Azam is the one to go for! For more details please contact www.indusmedicalassociates.com.