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Challenges and Solutions of Female Doctors in Coachella

Female doctors have been experiencing and dealing with tons of challenges. Let it be something to do with their work and personal life quest to balance or anything like payout – there had been injustice. So much so that it worries me at times about their health concerns because when they have so much to give and zero or very little to receive, I am sure it must be a daunting life. Knowing so, today I wanted to share some interesting facts regarding “challenges and their solutions” around the medical industry and females. 


Female Doctors in Coachella, Etc. 

Statistically, the US has been producing one-third of female doctors and two-thirds of male doctors. Female doctors are mostly relied on by female patients. The preference is based on some qualities which apparently male doctors lack in their professional world. Nevertheless, the quest of dealing with fewer problems is prevalent since the emergence of female doctors in clinics, hospitals, and even small medical centers. All that these female doctors in Coachella and other states experience are daunting.


The reason for such turmoil is due to the drastic lifestyle changes a female doctor face. With changes come difficulty to cope and that brings problems in professional life. Females are burdened and the opposite gender had been taking females as the source of being a supermodel. 


Three Main Challenges Faced by Female Doctors 

According to one of the recent studies, female doctors usually face three types of challenges in the medical industry. The first is about the kind of lifestyle changes one face along with career growth and opportunities. The second challenge is regarding career trajectory with family planning. Last in the line is maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. All these challenges have solutions and I will discuss those too. 


1st Challenge Faced by Female Doctors in Coachella: 

Lifestyle Challenges Along with Career Growth and Stability

According to one of my best friends who is a female and a doctor, “there is always a correlation with the type of medical field you choose as a profession. In some medical fields, women have to give more time. Men tend to give more time in whatever case and that’s the reason why they are offered better jobs at work. The kind of sacrifice one can give to the family or oneself while making a sound career needs a wise decision. At the start of a medical career, you can’t seem to choose a lot but then eventually with time there is an opportunity to make bolder and wiser decisions.” 


There was also a study that I recently read. In that study, it was revealed that the female doctors in Coachella or any other state in the US can’t blame or complain about the prolonged working hours. Choosing medicine as a profession, female doctors usually have to give up on their hobbies, personal life, and everything in between. Interestingly, before these females opt for professional life in medicine as a nurse, highly trained physician, the best doctor, or anything else, they somehow are ready to compromise their personal life. 


Otherwise, females who tend to give priority to their personal life don’t like to work in the medical world. Some of the females function in a better way when they take not so very daunting jobs. That way they seem to manage whatever they have to in different situations of life. newly married female doctors in Coachella and many other states of the US choose to work flexible hours. It is so that they can keep themselves sane and more balanced in professional and personal spaces. 


2nd Challenge Faced by Female Doctors in Coachella: 

Career Trajectory with Family Planning

When it comes to maternity leaves, female doctors seem to go through a lot of trouble. Not that supervisors or department heads don’t understand the need. But it is all about providing primary care to others as well. Keeping that in mind women plan family only when they are promoted or are not looking for anything like a promotion. So much so that at times females doctors have to plan family after seeing the calendar – to find the right month when they can actually take maternity leave. Also, most of the time it is a practice of female doctors to avoid pregnancies or bringing a delay in family planning. If they plan a baby and don’t work, marriage, as well as professional life, seems to get disturbed. 


The reason to avoid pregnancy is based on two facts. Firstly, if they get pregnant during the residency training, they are given cold behavior by others. Why are they given cold behavior though? It is because these pregnant female doctors are taken as “less committed” to work. Another reason to not appreciate such females is that they will ask for maternity leave. Both reasons are justified if we see from the male doctors, supervisors, or heads of the department. 


Maternity leaves are not fully used or granted even if female doctors happen to choose a baby over a profession. As a result, even the best doctor seems to lose health. Oftentimes, the good news of having a baby is seen and taken as resentment in the hospital or workspace. 


3rd Challenge Faced by Female Doctors in Coachella: 

Looking for Personal and Professional Balance

Professional frustration occurs when a female doctor seems to juggle the worries of their personal life along with their professional one. In doing so, she is found worried, less attentive, more complex to deal with, and experiences emotional discomfort. If a female doctor comes to the hospital with her personal issues, I am sure she wouldn’t be able to focus on her patients. 


Personal and professional disbalance will cause professional frustration for sure. If emotional discomfort along with professional frustration prevails for long. The chances of getting into drug abuse, anxiety, depression, alcohol addiction, and at times even suicidal thoughts or suicidal attempts will increase. 


Sadly, if a woman is the superwoman and is 80% good as a doctor, 80% good as a wife, 80% good as a mother and other relations, she works for 240% and gets exhausted. The burnout stage or phase may happen anytime leaving behind nothing good. 


Additional Common Issues Dealt by Female Doctors 

Technology is the keystone to getting things in a more systematic and risk-free capacity. However, there are some hurdles in this respect too. When technology is incorporated into a medical industry (hospital, clinics, or another medical setting) it sets a non-tech savvy person to do all that he didn’t think of doing. 


Following are some areas where a thorough check is needed. 


Patients are Cheated by Receptionists 

It is a major problem in the medical industry – receptionists charge extra and keep the amount in their pockets. This triggers female doctors because they are not paid according to their skills. Male doctors, on the other hand, are always given more than they need considering they are the ones who run families. 

In the same regard, when a receptionist charges hefty, the patient thinks the doctor they are seeing is quite expensive – which is not the case. Later, the female doctor gets a cold treatment from patients and also gets dubious about what she has not done! This act of charging extra is for both, male and female doctors. But sadly, it is somehow easy to bluff female patients and female doctors. Sad, isn’t it? 

In some cases, patients are not able to pay in full and request if they can pay later. Unfortunately, when they come back with the amount due, money doesn’t reach the doctor. That causes a dispute between patients and doctors. 


Lack of Inventories 

Small inventories like sterile water and syringes are not registered. Likewise in the recent past when vaccines were needed, they were missing. Why? There was no inventory of such items. This tells a lot about the doctor’s conduct without any interrogation. Naturally, it is not appreciated by any doctor and female doctors suffer the work politics too. 


Ultimate Solutions to Challenges Experienced by Female Doctors 

Without knowing the problem, you can’t seem to fix the issue, right? Living in a digital world, we can easily ensure smart solutions. Using good software can help in finding easy yet smart solutions. Some of the solutions are carried out in the following discipline. 


Receipts are checked by patients so that they know nothing is overpaid. Secondly, the software may allow you to see consumption history through the brand and item tagging. When it comes to professional and personal balance, flexible hours should be kept in mind. This may bring significant change in the lifestyle of a female doctor.


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