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Authorized Corona Vaccines in the US and How they Work?

Covid-19 Vaccines in the US

Initially, when pandemics started, only oldies were given the vaccines. Now that the US has covered oldies as well as adults, vaccines are available for anyone more than 5 years of age. To get the vaccine, you will not require any prior appointment. And can get the shot ASAP. 


The authorized vaccines in the US are quite safe as well as effective. However, you must not receive two vaccines simultaneously. 


List of Approved Corona Vaccines in the US 

Following vaccines are approved and authorized by the government of the US. Getting one of these will keep you away from the covid-19 side effects.


  • Pfizer – BioNTech
  • Janssen by Johnson and Johnson
  • Moderna


Further Details of the Authorized Corona Vaccines 

Pfizer BioNTech is recommended for 5 years of age. Whereas, Janssen and Moderna are recommended for 18-year-old. Pfizer has two shots or doses 3 weeks or 21 days apart. Moderna also has 2 doses. However, it is given at 4 weeks or 28 days apart. Janssen is the only vaccine that has one shot and you will not need another dose. If you opt for Pfizer or Moderna, you will be considered fully vaccinated after the second dose and 2 weeks. But if in case you decide to go with Janssen, completely vaccinated will be right after 2 weeks of getting the first shot or dose. 


How does Corona Vaccine work in Humans? 

Individuals who have a normal immune system will support the vaccine. Unfortunately, people with a severe or moderate level of immunocompromised life will find difficulty in accepting the vaccine in the system. 


  • Primary Dose 

To curb the situation, 12 year or older ones taking Pfizer should get a primary shot before the second shot. The primary dose should be taken a minimum of 28 days before the second dose. Likewise, those who opted for Moderna and are 18+ should do the same – take a primary dose. 


  • Booster Dose 

Besides taking the primary dose, highly or moderately immunocompromised people (18+), who received Moderna or Pfizer must get a booster dose after 6 months of primary dose. 


Note: those who have received Janssen will not need an additional primary dose. But we, Indus Medical Associates, will recommend them to go for a booster dose after 2 months of the Janssen dose. 


Different Bodies Work Differently 

Protection will be given to bodies based on the type. It is however not necessary that all vaccines work for all types of human bodies. The good thing about all three authorized corona vaccines remains the same – they supply “memory” to fight against the virus. 


The main difference in a body before and after getting vaccine shots is upon the production of B-lymphocytes and lymphocytes. This change takes place after a couple of weeks of vaccination. Symptoms like fever, headache, and nausea are included in the safe zone and no risk may occur. It is quite normal and you need not fret or sweat.