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5 Types of Primary Care Provider: Who to See in Need?

Before delving into the mere facts of primary care provider services in Indus Medical Associate, let's know about the basics. 


Who is a Primary Care Provider? 

He is a doctor precisely who has the license to facilitate patients with health concerns. These health issues are either expected or in routine. Primary health care is all about preventive measures to combat relapses, diagnosis of the illness, and treatment to make the patient fit again. Primary health care providers are also assigned to carry out routine (physical) checkups, immunizations, and screenings. 


Primary Care Services 

The most common services provided by the primary care best doctors include; 


  • Managing and taking care of acute health conditions 
  • Routine physical check-up 
  • Screening for minute health issues 
  • Giving treatment to minor injuries or illnesses like sinus infection, skin issues, sleep concerns, etc. 
  • Prescribing meds related to birth control, antibiotics, etc. 


Primary Care Best Doctor Needed 

At Indus Medical Associate, we have all types of primary care doctors. Which one do you need? This is sorted based on the condition. However, for the sake of awareness, we have mentioned all types below. So that you know the fundamental details beforehand. 


  • Pediatrics
  • Internal medicine
  • Internal medicine pediatric 
  • Family medicine 
  • Gynae 


Importance of Best Doctors in Health Care 

Primary care doctors are highly trained physicians who treat a broader range of health issues and concerns. What do we need to know in this regard? Well, each primary care doctor comes with a diverse focal point and background. It is because some physicians are experts in treating women. Others may be good with treating all ages, children, or only seniors. 


Types of Primary Care Facilitators 

Following is the breakdown of all types of primary care physicians. You need to know who is the best doctor for your condition. If baffled, there are doctors to guide throughout the medical procedures needed. 



Pediatricians are experts in taking care of children – newborns, toddlers, and early teenagers. Their job is to treat, diagnose, and prevent individuals from injuries and illnesses. The area of expertise involves the treatment, etc. minor to the most complex medical conditions. 

Also, these specialists perform more or less same duties as family medicine physicians. The only difference between pediatricians and family medicine physician is pediatricians focus solemnly on children. However, family medicine doctors take care of young adults too. 


Internal medicine

Internal medicine physicians or doctors care only for adults. They are also called “internists” and happen to treat, diagnose, and prevent complex as well as simple health conditions. Main age group they treat or take care of falls between early adulthood and throughout old age. 


Internal medicine pediatric 

These doctors possess two qualities or expertise. First of all, they are certified board members. Secondly, they play a role of an internist. Internal medicine pediatricians are there to treat kids as well as adults. They’re referred to as “med-peds” doctors. 


Family medicine 

This doctor is the one who takes care of the entire family. What does it mean? Well, they treat newborns, toddlers, infants, parents, old-aged grandparents of the house. Indeed, they have unique expertise and no matter who gets sick in the family, family medicine docs are there to provide their services. Interestingly, they know family history and works as the highly trained physician.