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5 Types of Primary Care Physicians

We all need physicians to stay fit and healthy, right? But at times we get baffled and are not able to decide which doctor to go to. Let it be if you are looking for primary care physicians in Coachella or anywhere else. This question will always bother you. Well, keeping that in mind, we have decided to bring some kind of awareness for those who are not sure what they need. As in whom they should refer or consult. 


Types of Primary Care Physicians in Coachella and the Other States 

Enlisted are five types of primary care providers or highly trained physicians you will ever need. 


Type #1: Family Medicine Healthcare Providers 

This is the first type of primary care physician – family doctor. Who are they? Well, these doctors are for the entire family. Let it be newborn or the old grandma in their eighties, they deal with everyone in the family. It is best to call one doctor who knows everything about the family than to call doctors who need to take history and whatnot! The best quality of these professionals is the way they provide personalized care to each member. 


Type #2: Internal medicine with Pediatrician Specialty Doctor 

Interestingly there are two types of physicians in internal medicine-pediatricians and are generally called “Med-Peds”. These doctors are experts in two domains and have board certificates in peds as well as internal medicine. Who can consult them? Well, these doctors are equally beneficial for children and adults. Internal medicine-pediatricians diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses or diseases. 


Type #3: Internal Medicine Primary Care Doctors

Internal medicine doctors are the kind of primary care provider who deals only with adults. They have another name too – internists. Their job is to cater to adult patients with trivial and complicated health issues. Internists deal with patients from adulthood to old age. 


Type #4: OB and Gynecologists

They are the best doctors to consult if you are pregnant, have concerns with fertility, reproductive health, and female-related health problems. Also, these professionals diagnose issues after getting pap tests, STI tests, and pelvic examinations. To consult with them, you either have to go to their clinic or designated specialty office. By the way, these doctors also help in planning a family, choosing the best and safe method of birth control choices. And yes! We can’t ignore the menopause phase. Women consult OB and gynecologists once they start with menopause. 


Type #5: Pediatricians

Catering to the needs of a newborn and all the way to adulthood, pediatricians are the need of every parent. You may question, what do they treat? Well, they have the expertise to treat, diagnose, and help in preventive measures of minor to multifaceted health problems. Family medicine and peds’ responsibilities overlap. It is because both deal with babies and teenagers. However, they are not the same on several grounds. The main dissimilarity is based on peds’ responsibilities – to take care of newborn to teenage. 


Note: All these primary care physicians in Coachella can be found at Indus Medical Associates.