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Improve YOUR Blood Sugar Levels: 10 Lifestyle Tips and Super Foods!

Are you dealing with high blood sugar? Do you need a few quick tips and tricks to get around your blood sugar level problem? Then Indus Medical Associates has got you covered with this brief article with some quick, yet efficient hacks involving dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and some good-old natural remedies.

Why YOU need to manage blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are more of a concern for individuals officially diagnosed with diabetes. High glucose, known as hyperglycemia, happens when the body does not produce or utilize insulin, a hormone responsible for metabolizing glucose into energy. Concerning levels to look for include higher than 130 milligrams per deciliter in a fasting or pre-meal state or more than 180 milligrams for each deciliter (mg/dL) 2 hours post meal.

High and fluctuating blood sugar levels can result in serious short and long term complications. These complications can include:
• Acidosis: acidic buildup in the bloodstream
• Vision impairment
• Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)
• Pain and weakness
• Kidney problems
• A weaker heart
• Foot ulcers and infections

Lifestyle changes: Discipline is the key

Here are some lifestyle changes that can directly improve your blood sugar levels:

1) Say no to stress!
Mental stress and tension are terrible for anyone’s health. Stress hormones can have tremendous repercussions on your wellbeing by raising your blood sugar levels.

Meditation, exercise and an overall wholesome lifestyle has always proven to be essential in managing stress.

2) You can’t go wrong with water
Not just for managing blood sugar levels, efficient hydration is the foundation of any healthy lifestyle. Hydrated kidneys remove extra sugar from the body in the urine.

And we mean PURE WATER, exceptions cannot be made with sodas or water beverages. Beverages like Vitamin Water contain added sugar that can be super harmful if you’re diabetic or have been told that your blood sugars are high.

3) Sleep plenty, sleep proper
Sleep deprivation can raise your blood sugar levels significantly. A healthy sleep schedule can also keep you active throughout the day.

4) Be careful with your portions
If you’re dealing with high blood sugar levels, you’ve probably had this conversation with your doctor. Overeating can be detrimental for a patient.

Don’t have food just for the sake of having food, develop hunger first. Control your portion size, filling your belly to the brim is not just unhealthy but also uncomfortable.

5) Regularly observe your blood sugar levels
High blood sugar isn’t easy to detect. Symptoms can appear as late as 200 mg/dL. Therefore, awareness before disaster strikes can save lives. Diabetes patients should check their blood sugar once or twice a day using an approved glucose monitor to check for consistency in blood sugar levels. Make sure to record the pre-meal and post-meal readings in a diary which shows the date.

6) Exercise regularly
We know, you’ve heard a million times that exercise is important. Well, it just is!
It results in weight loss, meaning that your body won’t have to work harder to pump blood, increases insulin sensitivity, which breaks down bodily sugars, and build muscles, which uses sugar for energy.

Diet matters: Focus on Macro foods that get the job done

First and foremost, any major changes to your diet, especially for individuals dealing with blood sugar level issues, needs to be approved by a doctor or nutritionist.

YES, it’s possible. A healthy diet is possible without completely giving up the food you love. With cautious food choices and overall moderation, manageable blood sugar levels can be attained.

1) Whole Grain is Wholesome
Whole grains are filled with minerals and vitamins, making them much healthier than processed grains. Not only do they help manage blood sugar levels, they also curb gastric and cardiovascular issues among other health problems.

Some popular examples of 100% whole-grain foods are brown rice, whole grain pasta, wholegrain crackers, oats and oatmeal, home-made kernel popcorn, quinoa.

2) Protein – the secret ingredient
Protein can manage blood sugar levels by making you feel fuller for longer. Luckily, it’s bountiful in meats, fish, and certain vegetables.

When it comes to protein, however, patients need to be more careful. Intake of excessive animal protein can also contribute to type 2 diabetes. So a handy tip is to consume mostly plant-based proteins, rather than animal fat.
These particular sources of protein are amazing:
• Nuts and seeds
• Soybeans
• Lentils
• Chicken
• Tofu
• Fish
Even when you’re on a strict diet, adding protein to your meals can be fun and easy. Beans and boneless chicken on a salad is a prime example.

3) Daily non-starchy vegetables
Vegetables are great! However, for people dealing with high blood sugar, not all vegetables are equal. Consuming starchy vegetables which contain crabs is a surefire way to raise your blood sugar.
Instead, consume non-starchy vegetables like:
• Spinach
• Cabbage
• Lettuce
• Carrots
• Squash
• Corn
• Cucumber

Whilst raw vegetables are the best, you can also roast or steam them and add minimal salt. If you get canned or packaged vegetables, check the ingredients list for added substances such as oils, sugar and salt.

4) Even fats can be healthy
When you hear the word ‘fat’, an unjustly negative image comes to mind. Fats can be healthy too. These fats improve heart health, lowers cholesterol and regulates blood sugar.
Some examples include:
• Olive Oil
• Canola oil
• Coconut Oil
• Nuts (walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts)
• Seeds
• Fatty Fish
• Soymilk

With these tips, you can enable yourself to live a healthier life and reduce the adverse effects of diabetes by keeping your blood sugar levels under 100 mg/dL before eating and under 180 mg/dL after eating. Indus Medical Associates wishes you the best of luck in your fight against high blood sugar levels!


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