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Does Gender Matter in Medical Treatment?

Although there are many similarities in the bodies of males and females. Still, there are some differences in the anatomy that compels someone to opt for female doctors. Especially, when it comes to “female doctors near me” ladies in Coachella or Rancho Mirage check the options based on several factors. Some of them include; the location of female highly trained physicians or best doctors, their fee structure, ethical and professional boundaries, ease and comfort while discussing the health concern. So, what will you learn in this article? In this blog post, you will learn about the differences in common illnesses in females. In the end, you will be able to tell if it is important to consult the same gender for the treatment or not. 


Common Illnesses and Differences in Genders 

Gender reveals the main differences between males and females. These variances are due to the chromosomes. Interestingly, these chromosomes are found in the cells and determine health. Also, the kind of societal pressure and their role determine health. 


For example: if a woman and man smoke the same number of fags (cigarettes), a woman will be more affected by the smoke than the man. Do you know why? well, it is only because the airways of women are narrower than men. 


Another example: mostly females were affected by Ebola. Why? because the region where it struck had more females. 


Gender Identity and Medical Treatment

Gender identification and medical treatment are knitted closely. The examples in this regard are mentioned below. 


  • HIV caused because of intercourse is two times more in women than men. 
  • Migraines are also mostly noticed and experienced by women. Men don't happen to face it in the same ratio. 
  • Women interestingly metabolize liquor at a fairly slower rate as compared to men. This causes more mental and intellectual damages. It also leads to vehicle accidents and liver problems. 
  • 78% of more autoimmune problems are found in women than men. 
  • Heart attacks, blood vessel issues, and strokes are more likely to happen in women than men. 
  • Men are more successful in committing suicide than women. However, women get suicidal too. 
  • Weirdly, men are more drawn towards having cardiac arrest right outside the clinic or hospital than women. 
  • At the time of taking medicines related to trivial or complicated health issues. Women tend to have a more vulnerable and deadly abnormal heartbeat (aka heart rhythm). 


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